A veteran in the industry, Gonzo has been DJing since 1992.  Learning his craft by mixing vinyl without the benefit of today’s technology has given Gonzo a great advantage in today’s ever growing DJ industry.

What separates Gonzo from his fellow DJs is his unique taste and vast knowledge of different genres of music that he demonstrates throughout his sets.  He has a knack for reading and playing to any type of crowd in any type of venue.

Starting at a young age he had a passion for music. After saving enough money to buy his first set up he would play his parents records which included genres like funk, disco, and 80’s pop.  His constant practice of mixing these different genres back and forth is now popularly known as “Open Format.”

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the era of the “mega clubs” Gonzo was fortunate enough to experience such legendary New York Night Clubs as The Palladium, Limelight, Expo, Carbon, The Roxy and Sound Factory. Being able to hear the DJ’s of this era mix records without modern technology and control a room inspired him to practice his craft.  Since then he has played all over the country not only playing clubs but private and corporate events for such notables:  ABC’s Quantico, NBC’s Shades of Blue, Netflix’s Master of None, Jennifer Lopez, The Chainsmokers, The Gap, Hyatt Hotels, Adidas and Guess.

Gonzo is one of the original members of New York City based DJ agency Official Music Group which boasts an impressive roster of North American DJ’s as well as international talent. They have been a rising fixture in the New York City and international nightlife playing all over the country as well as internationally.

Gonzo’s distinct sound can be heard during his unique sets that incorporate some of his “bootlegs” and remixes. Check him out on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @djgonzonyc


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